Over the last four weeks I feel like I have been all over this state. Up and down passes and mountains. In sunshine and snowstorms. I’ve been collecting sleeping bag nights in many unlikely sleeping bag night locations, like ski condos and the back of my sportwagon. And although living out of a suitcase and working from so many spectacular locations is exactly the sort of life that I fantasize about, I’m also the kind of person who pines for the routine and normalcy of home.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be cut out to be someone who wanders full time.  Or maybe i just haven’t yet figured out my particular brand of wandering. Maybe I need more downtime, more introvert time if I’m on the road.  Or maybe it’s okay to travel when I can, and stay home when I’m burnt.

Choosing to stay home this weekend instead of camping in the desert wasn’t an easy choice until other circumstances (namely the lack of reception in the desert for working remotely) forced my hand. Laundry, cleaning, shopping, garden making became my goal for the weekend. Quickly followed by the goal of not wrecking myself.


Just because I stayed home, didn’t mean that exploration was off the table. I got on my road bike and started pedaling east in search of prairie and flat. It’s not flat, and road tires will only get you so far once the gravel and dust gets a couple inches deep. There’s very little out there once you get past the “estate houses”. Just powerlines.



After a while I couldn’t make it up the hills with those tires and I turned around to head back west. There are the rockies, 14,000 foot peaks, less than 50 miles away from the prairie. Keeping a watchful eye over the front range. Funny how when you’re in Fort Collins, you can’t see the big peaks. Only the foothills. You need to step away from the city to see the big picture.